Rehab Sports is a South African sportswear and accessories brand. It was created with people in mind.

Our inspiration
It is said that butterflies are the only creatures in creation who get to live two lifetimes in one. They get to reinvent themselves into a better-version-of-themselves. It does not matter who you are; we believe that every person is the same as the butterfly. At some point in our life's stories, we are the caterpillars in need of change.

At some point, we all reach that moment where we need to morph into a better-version-of-ourselves - our true self.

Rehab Sports products are created to better help you articulate your transformation, your evolution. We created products for the caterpillar, the larva and the butterfly in you.

Rehab Sports brand is solely owned by Strawberry Diamond (Reg: 2016/532531/07), a black-owned, market research and product development company based in South Africa. Rehab Sports is a Registered Trademark and ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED.